About Us

The Mississauga Youth Games Believe:

• Young people learn the importance of sportsmanship, camaraderie and community participation through sporting programs
• We contribute to the positive development of our future leaders by celebrating the achievements and talents of the youth of the community

The Mission of the Mississauga Youth Games is to:

• Promote the power of sport and the importance of healthy active living
• Promote the Olympic-inspired ideals of fair play, unity, and well being through our program and events
• Help a child recognize the impact of their individual abilities through sport

The Mississauga Youth Games Promises to:

• Keep the youth of Mississauga continuously involved in Free, Fit and Fun sporting programs ◦ MY Games guarantees our events and programs are kept free in order to ensure accessibility to all
• MY Games encourages the values of lifelong physical activity and fitness in organized and recreational sports
• MY Games allows our youth and volunteers to try fun and new activities in safe and positive environments

Download a copy of our Governance Policy and Code of Conduct here.